Is the Affordable Care Act the real deal in Texas Health Insurance?

Are you living in Texas and worried about taking that troublesome health insurance cover? Do you agonize about the extra cost that comes with enrolling? Do you ever get the feeling that the cover is not worth it? Worry no more because your reservations are perhaps misguided. The truth is that a comprehensive and efficient health insurance policy is a must have in Texas. There are several home insurance covers like trampolines and swimming pools that most people neglect, even though they are essential. Some people contend that they are meant for the rich and those living in the high-end suburbs. However, the fallacy is too objective because health insurance is all-around and provides cover for the unforeseen. For example, a kid playing on a trampoline has a high risk of breaking his/her leg. This child needs an effective health insurance policy to cater for the medical expenses.

Health cover, without a doubt, is one critical though challenging aspect of life that any single person cannot negate. People hold divergent views for and against taking particular insurance covers. Some feel that taking an all-inclusive health insurance policy plan is a total waste of time and money. In Texas, for instance, with a total of about 23.8 million residents, only 25 percent have not taken a medical cover. These numbers are high in other states that merely indicate the negligence or lack of knowledge as regards the significance of insurance cover. In spite of all the contention, one thing is very clear; health cover is extremely decisive

For a fact, there are several reasons why people in Texas should take health insurance. First, it is affordable and realistic. As such, any single individual can enroll irrespective of their financial situations. According to research, most people shy away from health insurance policies because of the high costs. With the 2010’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), health cover in Texas is now cheap. Some pundits feel that the policy is the ultimate game changer. As mentioned above, prior to the implementation of the ACA, Texas had a reported 27 percent, uninsured residents. It was dubiously the highest figure in the country. Sorry to say, that rate is still very ridiculous given that almost a quarter of the country’s population is yet to register even a few months after the implementation of the Obama Care.

Nevertheless, according to experts 27 percent still ranks high as compared to other states with as low as ten percent. Texas, Georgia, and Mississippi are the primary victims. On a positive note, the ACA has benefited the residents a lot. For example, during the open enrollment plan, about 900, 000 people registered in both the existing Medicaid and private programs. However, some argue that the state still has a long way to go in ensuring that more locals embrace the health insurance program. However, given the enormous benefits of medical cover, Texas has no option. It must protect its residents against all types of health uncertainties. Insurance creates an aspect of life that people should look into for good living.


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