Сhat name: "Binance Australia - AUD Crypto Exchange (t.me/binanceaustralia)"

J Lee 03.08.2021 08:21
hi there, i need help, pls,,how do i get the limit order correctly, it happened to me twice since yesterday, when i was trying to make a limit order, it just doesn't allowed me to do that, it become a maket order straight away, why and i am very confused.....
Pionex 03.08.2021 09:28
You set the price to be different from the current price
J Lee 03.08.2021 09:33
Thank you so much 🙏 for your help , I sign out and I sign in again ! All good now !
Pionex 03.08.2021 09:35
You are welcome. Community from the beginning of the discussion
Deepak Karki 03.08.2021 10:15
What happen Binance Australian
To depo Aud.
How long does it take for maintenance to depo pls
James ₿ (Admins/Angels will never message you first) 03.08.2021 10:19
Sorry what is the question?
Alicia Bransford 03.08.2021 10:26
Hy guy's
Sam Teoh 03.08.2021 10:45
Can you please DM me with the maintenance error you are seeing?
Saeed 03.08.2021 11:09
Hi guys,
My friend has lost his google authenticator 16 digit code, how can he recover the code?
James ₿ (Admins/Angels will never message you first) 03.08.2021 11:20
Please have your friend read this support document.

Nigel Murden 03.08.2021 11:28
Hi guys. Can you provide an ETA for when TFUEL withdrawals will be re-enabled? They have been disabled since Saturday. thanks.
James ₿ (Admins/Angels will never message you first) 03.08.2021 11:41
All announcements regarding such changes can be found at Binances announcement channel - https://t.me/binance_announcements
Saeed 03.08.2021 12:17
Thanks for the info. The problem is he doesn't have ID document from one of the recognized countries.
James ₿ (Admins/Angels will never message you first) 03.08.2021 12:25
Please get him to contact support.

Saeed 03.08.2021 12:30
To contact support he needs to login. How can he log in when he doesn't have access to his account
Davide 03.08.2021 12:30
Will H 03.08.2021 12:43
what's the news about binance futures? i can still login and trade. i trade usdt so i wonder my binance future is global not australia?