–°hat name: "Binance Kenya (t.me/BinanceKenya)"

Pata Potea day traders 04.08.2021 07:30
top of the morning to all if you want a cheat sheet to the market today tune into Krown's crypto cave at 8am today.
Snow Flakes 04.08.2021 08:05
Sam// Greetings in my inbox = BLOCK 04.08.2021 08:12
my ads are not showing....
Snow Flakes 04.08.2021 08:17

Please delete this illiterate pig
Lion 04.08.2021 09:36
Did he say anything about the pullback?
Grey Wolf 04.08.2021 09:37
Why tune in... Just tell us in this group
Pata Potea day traders 04.08.2021 09:42
hahaha, send me your coins as well and I'll do the trading for you if you can't take the time to do your own research....
damn, no good dead goes unpunished...
You try to be a good person but people just want me to be a dick...
You can take a horse to the goddamn river but if the horse doesn't want to drink just put it down...

The short answer is no you lazy ingrate...
Grey Wolf 04.08.2021 09:44
Its easier just saying your analysis on the group... Why do i have to do Double work...
Be in the group and also tune in your staff.... Save us the time and energy
Pata Potea day traders 04.08.2021 09:45
because that's how the world works, are you new to our planet...
And I am not a financial advisor neither is Krown...
Bernard 04.08.2021 09:45
@EmeliaHarp scammer
Grey Wolf 04.08.2021 09:48
Im not new... Actually im a pioneer when this group had 100 subscribers to what it has now.... This group is meant to share ideas... If you can save us the energy of being in two places at one.... We will appreciate it..... I can't be in binance Kenya and also someone tells me to tune in to crypto cave.. Impossible
Pata Potea day traders 04.08.2021 09:50
That is your choice good sir... advantage to those who can I guess
Grey Wolf 04.08.2021 09:50
But i would appreciate if you shared your summary from cryptocave to this group
If your real aim is to genuinely help in the world of crypto
Pata Potea day traders 04.08.2021 09:53
luckily for you, there are timestamps making it even easier for people like you who have no time unlike some of us who get extra long days (time in my world runs differently) to appreciate the info that some creators make.
I'm a selfish bastard just like you, I'm in it for me
Grey Wolf 04.08.2021 09:55
The real motive of cryptocave is to make money of your members?
_weru.__ 04.08.2021 10:29
What's the difference between usdt and busd and which is better to work with
Lion 04.08.2021 10:51
If TA is hogwash, how was it able to predict the top (42k), and the reversal? now at 37xxx. This can't be random, think.