Сhat name: "FEG Token Chat (t.me/FEGchat)"

Alberto Grassi 30.06.2021 21:04
Sorry for noob question but this is not fully clear to me:
Is feg v2 a new token right? And, what about rox token?
Philip 30.06.2021 21:04
24h notice in advance here or in social Media from the team
Steve Watkins 30.06.2021 21:04
Hey guys..

I've wrapped Shib into fshib

When I go to Fegwrap it shows balance earnt, when I click fshib heading balance is totally different, any reason for this?
Caden Pendleton 30.06.2021 21:04
Realist shit he ever wrote
AWESOME SAGs 30.06.2021 21:05
Please announce it in the channel
Bcos the messages here is sucidal
Syranora 30.06.2021 21:05
no made feg v2 is regarding feg.exchange newest update that is coming
ItsYaBoi 30.06.2021 21:05

мезогастер 30.06.2021 21:05
no, it's not a new token
Ridgewarrior 30.06.2021 21:05
v2 is a new version of the exchange, ROX token is a new token that will be announced here 24 hours before going on sale
Tim 30.06.2021 21:05
there's no v2 feg. it's v2 of the exchange. rox is the first token project on the new smart DeFi platform
Syranora 30.06.2021 21:05
we always announce important things mate ❤️
🦍 Max Apes In 🦍 30.06.2021 21:05
Not a new token but an upgrade to our Feg Exchange which will be updated some time this evening.
Philip 30.06.2021 21:05
Someone deleted my comment :/ Just said i dont expect a pump today 🤣
Sarvesh 30.06.2021 21:05
When we can expect it?
Syranora 30.06.2021 21:05
❤️ fantastic all this helping apes for qeustions ❤️
Travis Domshy 30.06.2021 21:05
Always be ready for a pump. *edited
George Taylor 30.06.2021 21:05
Syranora 30.06.2021 21:06
ah possible i did rofl 😆deleting allot of spam/fud, so could have been seen as fud ^^ haah sorry buddy ❤️ sometimes my finger is faster then my mind
Philip 30.06.2021 21:06
I dont
KA 30.06.2021 21:06
And a dump!