Сhat name: "FEG Token Chat (t.me/FEGchat)"

Tim 30.06.2021 21:06
i now you're a big supporter dawg. guess you got caught in the crossfire today
MS260 30.06.2021 21:06
Rlly feel sorry for the mods. U guys got it hard
Caline FEGASUS 30.06.2021 21:06
Alberto Grassi 30.06.2021 21:06
Ooooh fine, thank you, i've heard numbers or rumors so i messed up
Vb Vitalik 30.06.2021 21:06
no dump
Philip 30.06.2021 21:06
Np haha thx bro appreciate your love
KA 30.06.2021 21:06
But you need to be ready if it happens, so a dump and a pump
Crypto Hundogan 30.06.2021 21:06
Do you mean fegrox will be a presale exclusively for the fegtoken group?
Jonsen Snow 30.06.2021 21:06
Positive news the price go dump
Dillion Day 🇺🇲 30.06.2021 21:06
We never dump
Jonsen Snow 30.06.2021 21:07
So sad
ItsYaBoi 30.06.2021 21:07
Never dump just pump
George Taylor 30.06.2021 21:07
There is no feg token group. Will be on fegex
Ridgewarrior 30.06.2021 21:07
It will be announced here 24 hours before going on sale. The sale will be open to everyone and anyone not just feg holders
Laz 🇭🇺 🇦🇹 🇵🇾 30.06.2021 21:07
Its billion
FEGarmy [Shadowmod+] 30.06.2021 21:07
Vb Vitalik 30.06.2021 21:07
I am the holder, and things like that are already a risk
Akshay Kumar 30.06.2021 21:07
Syranora 30.06.2021 21:07
hahahah 😆soon soon ❤️
jtFEG 30.06.2021 21:07
Not permanently, but there will be big spikes like the one over a month or two ago