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I am the marketing leader of the LOTTO project. The LOTTO project is currently undergoing a global airdrop. The idea of LOTTO started with a simple thing: an exciting event on the Ethereum blockchain, which may change some LOTTO token holdings every week. The life of someone. It has evolved into something more complex-an innovative ERC20 token with a unique lottery mechanism and strong community support. Our team will use their various talents to make LOTTO the main presence in the Ethereum DeFi project. . However, it is relatively difficult for this project to win airdrop shares on the platform. At present, in order to allow more people to participate in the generation of global consensus, the marketing department has obtained internal channels. You only need to join us for more than 90% of the opportunities to get the project airdrop opportunities. People now receive 500 to 1,000. Just send me the Ethereum wallet address, and I will send airdrops to participating members.
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BNB48 Club Token(KOGE)
Price $6.6200
MarketCap(Ranking) $9,671,667 (835)
NetChg 2.47698%
Volume 2,182
ATH $58.6300
Circulating 1,460,389
Total Supply 3,460,389