Сhat name: "TIKI TOKEN - 10% AUTO BNB Redistrib. - LIVE (t.me/tikicommunity)"

bobzwik 30.06.2021 21:08
💥 VOTE FOR TIKI 💥 LET'S GO PEOPLE!! 💥https://twitter.com/bnbminetoken/status/1410268566914539521
Mi9gy 30.06.2021 21:09
if you can't handle sells why you even here?
Mariano Pereira 30.06.2021 21:09
Thats my point
Nitrogen Enriched Grass 30.06.2021 21:09
I guess me. Just bought another 5000 tokens.
IT 30.06.2021 21:09
Just wrote something simlilar and deleted it 🙈 saw your text
ig goat WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST 30.06.2021 21:09
Smart ppl
Rooijke Hodl 30.06.2021 21:09
It’s drops and negative come around again
CryptikLogix (Won't DM you first) 30.06.2021 21:09
Make sure to add to that list ASSTiki, TikiBoob, TikiTiddies, FatherTiki, TikiSon 😂😭🤣😭
Joe 30.06.2021 21:09
Buy green, panic sell red, this is my advice
Zack 30.06.2021 21:09
tiki is the OG, all those others trying gonna fail
ig goat WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST 30.06.2021 21:09
When I read the massive fud
Vanko 30.06.2021 21:09
Again, this guy gets it 🤣👌
TMK 30.06.2021 21:09
C 30.06.2021 21:09
People actually understand tiki and what they’re putting their money into, aka the ones with actual money
ig goat WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST 30.06.2021 21:09
I came back like a bitch
Eatda Dip 30.06.2021 21:10
I saw another copycat today that just rug
setitallablaze 30.06.2021 21:10
I hate to say this, but this is a whale’s game and we are just along for the ride
SalGuti 30.06.2021 21:10
Could this guy dumping be that draco guy?
Akira 30.06.2021 21:10

TMK 30.06.2021 21:10